Cacti Growers Club in Dvur Kralove nad Labem

Order and Shipping Information
Business conditions


  • Plants could be delivered only to EU countries.
  • Please write an item number in your order (it is "Kat. číslo" or "Číslo" from the 1st column).
  • You can make orders all year round but we are not able to ship plants immediately. Deadline for all orders is 30th April 2019.Orders will be dispatched between 20th May and 13th July 2019. It is not possible to ship plants during winter period (low temperatures). The other reason for dispatchment at one time is great number of our suppliers.
  • You can send your order by e-mail to: Your order will be confirmed by email as soon as possible.
  • Or you can send your order by mail to the following address:
    Pavel Barton
    Tyrsova 2284
    544 01 Dvur Kralove
    Czech Republic
  • Please write an item number in your order (it is "Kat. číslo" or "Číslo" from the 1st column).
  • Prices are in CZK (please find actual exchange rate yourself).
  • Minimal order is 1000 CZK without shipping. Be aware of shipping costs.
  • Orders are processed in the sequence of their arrival. So place an order as soon as possible. Some items are available in very limited quantities. Some orders may not be satisfied to the full extent.


  • Cacti growers club in Dvur Kralove nad Labem sell cactus and succulent products of its members.
  • Plants are usually 2-6 years old.
  • Price depends on size, age and scarcity of each kind of plants.
  • All plants are shipped bare-rooted in marked paper bags.
  • "R" or "roub." connected to some of the plant names in the catalogue means that these plants are grafted. Similarly "řizek" means cuttings.
  • All plants are cultivated and propagated under artificial conditions. No plants sold are wild-collected.


  • Cash on delivery is available only for the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and Hungary. For other EU citizens we require advanced payment.
  • You have two payment options: You can send the amount in insured letter or you can make bank transfer in EUR on the bank account of the Cacti Growers Club.
  • We accept CZK and EUR.
  • Once your order has been received, we will issue a proforma-invoice with information on the form of delivery and terms of payment. Please do not send any money until you receive this proforma-invoice.
  • Invoice will be issued upon request.
  • Shipping and return costs

    • The postage is calculated according to the weight of your order.
    • Packaging costs are 2 EUR.
    • The postage charge is about the same as from abroad to the Czech Republic.
    • Parcels are sent using „Czech Post“. We always use priority mail if possible.
    • When the ordered parcel is not accepted by the customer, we will require refund for packing and shipping cost and bank fees. Be aware that you must pay doubled shipping cost for returned parcel as the post is charging both ways. .) If the payment is not received within 15 days after our request, we will send our claim to debt collection agency (with all our correspondence and server data). The debt will be further increased by the collection agency costs.

    Estimated postage charges (EUR) to selected countries:

    Country 2 kg 3 kg 5 kg 8 kg
    Slovensko € 9 € 10 € 11 € 12
    Poland € 12 € 13 € 14 € 16
    Germany € 26 € 28 € 30 € 35
    Italy € 18 € 20 € 22 € 27
    Great Britain € 23 € 26 € 32 € 42
    Austria € 18 € 20 € 22 € 27
    Netherlands € 18 € 20 € 22 € 27
    Belgium € 25 € 28 € 33 € 41
    Hungary € 22 € 24 € 27 € 32
    Denmark € 18 € 20 € 22 € 27
    France € 22 € 24 € 27 € 32

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